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opd solutions payday loan seems to be to become the very same company as Pack Management Group, LLC. and also in some way pertaining to Cardinal Management.

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Additional Business Names/ Possibly Related Entities:.
OPC Solutions, LLC. (popular misspelling of opd solutions payday loan , LLC.).
CDW Services/ CBW Services (CWB Services?)

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1-888-996-2053 (Confirmed 2013/06/27) (Mark Carter).
1-855-502-5947 (Confirmed 2013/01/23).
1-888-750-5307 (Confirmed 2012/08/23)

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1-888-602-0875 (Confirmed 2013/01/23).
1-855-380-3795 (Confirmed 2012/08/23).
1-866-726-7082 (Confirmed 2012/08/23)

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On August 23rd, 2012, a kind Online-Payday-Loans. org visitor mentioned and also validated the above phone and also telephone number.

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This deal with is actually additionally utilized through Cardinal Management LLC.

Additional Address (Registered Agent):.
2533 North Carson Street Suite 4074,

Laughlin Associates, Inc. utilize the very same handle specified for Manager Scott Burnett as well as are actually the signed up substance for Pack Management at the same time.

On September THIRTEEN, 2012, some of our audiences delivered our team the adhering to claims: “They have actually tapped the services of a lawyer to submit a crime cost versus me for certainly not spending a lending when I must shut my financial account for an examination fraudulence. Is this lawful as well as are they a lawful cash advance firm?” Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, our company may certainly not deliver suggestions for details truth situations.Please consult your lawyer.For standard info, find Pitfalls When You Stop Payment on a Payday Loan Check as well as Bad Check Laws through State.To determine if a financial institution is actually officially certified to give out car loans in your condition, simply consult your condition governing agency.Sorry our experts can not aid even more.

On January 23, 2013, a kind viewers delivered our team the complying with in-depth claims versus CWB Services additionally referred to as opd solutions payday loan LLC: “I browsed the web to secure a payday advance. I obtained files through e-mail coming from an opd solutions payday loan LLC for a car loan in the volume of $250. The paper plainly specifies you need to have to authorize the documentation beneath to license repayment. I never ever authorized the papers however my profile was actually debited $250 right into a profile that was actually shut as a result of a bad balance.So the financial institution took the cash as well as declines to offer it back.Meanwhile, some men due to the title of Marcus always keeps knowning as and also mentioning they are actually mosting likely to provide me to seem in courtroom either at my area of work or even home.They likewise in some way talked to relative leaving this details on their voice-mail, in an extremely harmful fashion. I reside in the method of consulting with an attorney in relation to this concern.”

More accusations versus this body were actually obtained on March 21, 2013. Simply discover CWB Services LLC Contact Info for information.

On March 28, 2013, our experts acquired much more accusations connecting opd solutions payday loan LLC to CWB Services LLC.

On June 19, 2013, our team got charges versus OPD Loans: “Our experts possessed $300.00 amazingly appear in our account.Never authorized anything.Don’ t recognize that these blockheads are.Scammers.That’s what they all are actually.” On the exact same time, our team obtained the observing information: “Both varieties detailed are actually detached therefore are actually the telephone number.”

On June 27, 2013, a kind viewers delivered our company talk to information for this entity.See Landmark Processing for particulars.

On June 29. 2013, our experts obtained extra accusations versus : “Same taking place to me.An individual title Marcus is actually endangering to possess documents provided at my spot of job because of examine scams.”

On July 9, 2013, our company acquired even more charges: “I never ever authorized any type of information yet got a finance coming from all of them without getting in touch with any person or even once again authorizing for anything.When I made an effort to talk to the amount they gave on my voice mail I was actually not able to survive.”

On July 18, 2013, our experts obtained the adhering to accusations versus opd solutions payday loan LLC/ CWB Services: “Was refuted through 3 various financing companies.All of a quick $300 turned up in our account.Went to the bank.They informed our company it was actually a firm phoned Anasazi Group which is actually associated with CWB Services.We certainly never authorized the financing documents.These individuals are actually quite crooked.”

On August 3, 2013, our company obtained the complying with problem versus opd solutions payday loan : “On July 19, 2013, $300 turned up in my profile. Mosted Likely To Credit Union. The provider was actually referred to as opd solutions payday loan .I certainly never authorized any type of funding files or even offered no consent for this purchase. On August 2, 2013, my profile was actually debited for $90.”

On August 6, 2013, our company obtain much more charges versus OPD Solutions: “I had actually performed some hunts online for private financings. Got merely cash advances supplied to me. I inspected my checking account 1 day and also it possessed $200 in it. I headed to the financial institution to find what this concerned. I was actually provided a variety which I referred to as and also was actually informed I had actually obtained this lending which they possessed my e-signature on report. The guy I consulted with claimed he would certainly email me my allez lien financing documents yet I possess however to find all of them which has actually had to do with a month ago now.I really did not authorize for this car loan yet what may I carry out besides spend for it?They are actually an incredibly dubious provider.”

Allegations obtained on August 7, 2013 versus exact same company: “Claims that I authorized an agreement and also took a finance of $300 coming from all of them which is actually not true. They called me on 8/6/2013 harmful action. I carried out certainly not acquire loan coming from this provider to my expertise as well as certainly never authorized an arrangement. I want to view the agreement and also they are actually extremely insulting. I’ve never ever been aware of this provider.”

On August 9, 2013, our experts acquired these claims versus OPD Solutions: “Never authorized any type of files. $300 amazingly seemed in my profile and also right now every pair of full weeks $90 is actually subtracted coming from my profile. Up until now amounting to $450… … No contact number on call to phone all of them. What a laugh.”

On Oct. 23, 2013, our experts obtained these charges versus OPD Solutions: “Took out a car loan for $250.00. Paid for $225.00 spine (certainly they mention this is actually a money cost). Informed all of them I would certainly spend $65.00 back that includes lawful State of Iowa rate of interest charges.They rejected and also offered my profile to National Credit Adjusters and after that to Pacific Investments.They additionally mention they will definitely appear at my area of work or maybe the shopping mall to fulfill me along with an authorities officer.I chuckled and also they informed me it was actually for the locators protection.If I speak with all of them once again I am actually mosting likely to inquire him to satisfy me at my regional police office.”

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